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Reduced Therapy

Here at Soulful Success Counseling, we understand that receiving therapy can be costly.  We offer free to reduced counseling that is provided by counselors-in-training from students who attend NC State University.

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Bobby Hill


Phone: (919)-283-1018

My name is Bobby Hill and I am currently attending North Carolina State University Graduate program, pursuing my master's in Mental Clinical Health Counseling. My purpose is to help people and serve those in need by promoting patience, discipline, and perseverance. Feel free to contact me to set-up an appointment. I’m honored to be working with you!


Chandler Smith
Phone: (919) 283-1910

My name is Chandler Smith, and I am currently a master’s student at North Carolina State University obtaining a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I want to help others better their mental health by working with individuals, groups, and communities. I want to work with you to find the solution that will best fit your life and feel supported through the entire process. Feel free to contact me to set-up an appointment and I look forward to working with you.

Reduced Therapy: Services
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